"It is time to face the fact that there may very well be no realistic political solution to the problems in Israel/Palestine. Despite the unbelievable optimism of technocrats, in spite of modern man’s incredible hubris at his ability to fix any situation with technology, ingenuity, and reason, there are and have always been problems that exceed the grand schemes of human artifice. There are, as little as we like to admit it, times when unreason, distaste, and hatred emerge victorious over reason, love, and friendship."

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"If any of the great corporations of the country were to hire adventurers who make market of themselves in this way, to procure the passage of a general law with a view to the promotion of their private interests, the moral sense of every right-minded man would instinctively denounce the employer and employed as steeped in corruption and the employment as infamous."

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"To laugh out loud in the company of others who understand one’s ground for laughing, when at the same time one is confronted with the most horrible of truths, is the way in which one can restore one’s faith in reason and one’s love of the world without turning away from the ugliness and the malignancy that perpetuates itself within it.”

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"Robert Pogue Harrison’s 2011 Lunchtime Talk at the Arendt Center focused on a particular aspect of Arendt’s concept of thinking, which is thinking’s relation to phenomena not traditionally associated with it, such as friendship, and the role of thinking ‘in these domains where it has different registers, motivations, and outcomes’ than what one might assume."